How to break out of a fashion rut

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Sick of wearing the same variation of an outfit every day? Lacking inspiration and want to try something new? Check out these tips to break out of that fashion rut! 

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Raid your closet
Take a good, long, hard look at your clothes. Do you really need as many as you have? Are they uninspiring? Some may not even fit anymore. Get rid of the ones you never wear. Be ruthless. This is not the time to be hanging on to clothes for a sentimenal reason. Anything you have decided not to keep can make their way to an op-shop or be given to friends.

You may also find clothes that were once forgotten. Try putting together outfits from clothes you already have. You can now work out what is missing from your wardrobe to complete looks.

Get some inspiration
Hop onto Instagram and get your best sleuth on. Start tracking tags and become inspired by all of the beautifully dressed people. If you don’t know where to start, never fear we already have a blog post about great Instagram bloggers you should follow!


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Make a list
Once you have an idea of what you are missing from your wardrobe, and have some inspiration it’s time to start planning. Keep it simple, and short. Don’t go overboard, and try as hard as you can to stick to your list.

Basics are the key
Wearing neutral colours, think white and black t-shirts in whatever style you prefer, is simple, yet elegant. Having clothes that work together makes creating outfits super easy, and leads to endless combinations.

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Check out op-shops first
They can be a treasure trove for quirky and interesting pieces if you have the patience and a keen eye. It’s also better for the environment which is a massive bonus point.

Trendy items
Try to stick away from spending a lot of money on the latest trendy item. While they may look great now, the fast fashion cycle is fickle. It’s best to stick to basic, staple items to stock your wardrobe. Think neutral colour blocking which can be mixed and matched. 

With these tips, you can go out there and flourish in your new found stylish wardrobe. 


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