Minimalist fashion bloggers you should be following right now!

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Wanting to up your style game? We have the perfect list for you. Minimalism is a fashion and photography trend right now. If you are in need of some fashion inspiration check out these 5 Instagram bloggers who have perfected the art of minimalist fashion.


Mariel Cornel – @polydeux

Mariel has perfected the art of the soulful gaze. Her urban outfit inspirations are perfectly paired with the best scenery that LA has to offer. You will feel more stylish just scrolling through her feed.

Mariel Cornel – @polydeux instagramMariel Cornel – @polydeux fashion blogger Mariel Cornel – @polydeux minimalist fashion


Amee Kim –

Amee feels like a monochromatic dream, with minimalist styling mixed alongside moody photography. There is a certain softness to her feed brought about by the muted black and white tones. Her designs are so simple, yet strikingly interesting – the perfect pose and accessories can go a long way.


Amee Kim – @amee.kimAmee Kim – monochromeAmee Kim – monochrome


Sandra Carvalho - @sandrafreitascarvalho

We love her feminine, chic, minimalist look. Flat-lays and outfit of the days are abundant which is sure to give you some inspiration. Copious amounts of patterned and textured clothing make for some exciting outfits.

 Sandra Carvalho - @sandrafreitascarvalho instagramSandra Carvalho - @sandrafreitascarvalho monochrome instagramSandra Carvalho - @sandrafreitascarvalho minimalist fashion instagram



Blake Von D – @blakevond

Scrolling through her feed makes us feel more stylish. The sophisticated, chic outfits are heavenly. Her Instagram account is sure to give you wanderlust with pictures from travels from around the world.

Blake Von D – @blakevond instagramBlake Von D – @blakevond instagramBlake Von D – @blakevond instagram fashion blogger flatlay


Chloé Faure - @cchloe__

With pops of perfectly placed colour, it isn’t completely monochrome. The outfit inspirations are nothing short of perfection. Negative space and asymmetrical lines are fashioned to create unique intriguing photos.

Chloé Faure - @cchloe__ monochrome fashionChloé Faure - @cchloe__ instagram

Chloé Faure - @cchloe__ Instagram

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